Blogging for non-bloggers

I have no idea what I am suppose to be writing about. I do not like writing and truly doesn’t care for it, but I am sitting in this CT 101 class and I am instructed to write my first blog…… Helllloooooo is anyone out there that can help me. I am excited about this class because I do like computers and I would like to learn how to create my own website and learn the nooks and crannies of the internet.

I am loving this mac computer that we are using, it is new, fast, and invites you to do your work lol. I am excited to see where this class will take me at the end of this semester. Right now I am a beginner and hoping to be intermediate by the end of the semester. Let’s be real, we only have 15 weeks together, there is no way I will be an expert in a class that meets once a week for 15 weeks.

I guess this blog thing is not really hard, it’s like writing in your diary, but really a public diary for the world to see. It was scary at first but as your fingers hit the keyboard at 38 wpm you find out that you had much more to talk about.

Professor Seslow just announced that after this blog I am free to leave class, guess what I’m about to do. Deuces, until next time!!!!!Office-Farewell-Clipart-4

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