Farewell! The Final Post

This semester has been one of the most stressful ones yet for me. Luckily, this class has been a burden lifter. Although I am not a CT major, I have learned so many new things about the internet that are beneficial for the future. For example, learning to create GIFs was something that I always wanted to do, and I finally learned how to this semester. Since then, I have been making GIFs nonstop.

In hindsight, this GIF has to be my favorite:

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Once again, I have to say Ouch! Big brother is doing a terrible job of babysitting!

But I digress!

I can truly say that CT 101 has been a rewarding course. I appreciate the knowledge and guidance I received from Professor Smith in this class. He’s always willing to help and explain any concept thoroughly until one fully understands it.

Even Audri gives Professor Smith a thumbs up:

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One of my favorite and most memorable moments in this class was working on the Foley project, Charlie Chaplin lion’s cage. That activity required a lot of focus, accuracy, and teamwork. It was a great collaborative effort, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

In high school I had the privilege of creating my own website. Unfortunately, I don’t know what has become of it. This course has afforded me another opportunity to have my own corner in the World Wide Web. Initially, the process was a bit tedious and difficult, but eventually I learned how to do it. I am actually proud of my personal website, hausofmusic.com. It is my own free space to share my my love for music. However, I do not wish to keep my account with Reclaim hosting active. I will probably archive my website for my own personal viewing. Maybe in the future I can possibly resurrect another website dedicated to music that I will be more committed to.

Overall this class has been worthwhile, and I wish everyone the best! Happy Holidays!

~ Kevaughn Powell

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