Blacks Being “TOO SLOW” for Advanced Institutions?

Last week, Supreme Court “Justice” said it is more appropriate for black students to attend a “less-advanced, slower track school” to appear to excel academically. Now I am just lost for words and disgusted. Yet according to statistics from, The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) the three universities that have the highest graduation rates for Black students are Yale (98 percent), Harvard (97 percent) and Princeton (97 percent). Stanford University, a private university with an affirmative action policy, has a 91 percent graduation rate for Black students; yet the University of California – Berkeley, a state university that follows a statewide ban on affirmative action, has a 77 percent graduation for Black students. But click here for more of what I think…

By Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

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