Au Revoir, Adieu, Farewell

Upon entering this class, I was a tad lost because as a journalism student with a main focus in hard news, I am used to structure; including understanding the story/event/particular thing, intaking all the useful information, and enacting what I learned. However, this class has given me so much freedom, that I did not what to do. However, within the first two weeks, an epiphany dawned on me that this class is welcoming us to
“play” with what is available to us – the internet! I’ve learned so much that I thought I would never in a million years feel comfortable doing such as freeze portraits, animating still images, and even gifs. I regained some of my happiness from my teenage years when I used to actually create gifs on tumblr and take pictures for fun and not just for work, but for me.

In lieu of my newly found epiphany, I used my website for strictly professional use. However, I became a bit more open and starting posting videos, since it is part of journalism, too. Although I would post my more avant-garde work on CT101 alone, I hope to post more creative ways such as gifs of a news story instead of a traditional video to accompany it. Also, I want to participate in another CT101 radio chat and include it in my blog. This has also inspired me to create another Youtube account to show my journey through this evolving digital age.

I’ve not only gained knowledge about technology from this course, but more about myself. I learned to appreciate different things that we take for granted; even free apps where we can create cool animations. I learned that I’m more on the traditional side, but it contradicts with what I want to be … which is a visual journalist. I want to give a big thanks to Professor Smith for teaching us different tricks, tropes, and fair use of the internet AND for allowing each and every one of us to just be ourselves without any judgement.

Since many of us may not see each other over the holidays, the internet will always keep us connected.

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Listen to my fav holiday tune while ya at it. PEACE




By Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

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