Final course reflective blog Post

Finally this semester is about to finish. I cannot believe i am writing my final post of this semester. I have learned so many cool thing in this semester that i am really amazed. Because of this class we started to use more social networks rather than Facebook. I learned how to make GIF by using Imgur, its so easy.

The most thrilling part of this class is making a website of our own. I never thought i would have any website of my own. Professor gave us a week time to think of our own domain name and how we are going to use our website for. Word press website is a cool thing for me. I have the power of changing any thing in my website and also can delete my work. I am the boss of my website.

Another new thing that i did is making sounds in a studio. Our project was to make sounds in a charlie Chaplin movie and we used tools, water bottle, pen and mouth to make sounds. It was totally new thing for me. Also, cutting pictures and making them together was really fun. I have got a chance to make a vine with cutting celebreties pictures and making them together. I learned how to make a super cut video. supercut video is about making more than one video together.

yes! i am happy what i have learned in this class.

Professor of my class is very friendly and willing to help his all students. I wish every professors are like him. looking forward to take another class with my CT 101 class professor if he teaches. I want to thank my professor Micheal Smith for helping me whenever i asked him for help.


Besides, I want to keep my website for my blog post. I am CT major (web design and development). I will learn many things in future and i wanted to post about all this experiences in my own website.

Thumbs up!

This class is one of my best class i have taken so far. I thank god that i changed my major to CT so that i can enjoy more classes like CT101 in future.

Bye all. Good Night.

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