This Is the END!!!!!

This semester has been one for the storybooks. I started off this semester not knowing what to do with this class. Or not knowing what this class would be like. I knew yeah, it had to deal with one of my few wonders in life, the computer, but I didn’t know what exactly to expect from this class. Going throughout this semester, I learned a few noticeable things while taking an interest in the class itself. I learned how to Supercut, which is like mashing together scenes from movies or tv shows to make a specific point or to show humor. I learned how to create a GIF animation by using Imgur. I’ve also learned how to create a musical mashup of me, myself and I, as if I was in a girl group. I did learn how to reverse a song too, which was fun trying to have someone guess what the song was originally. I had fun learning how to do new things that I never knew how to do.

In this class, we had the opportunity to create a website, choosing the name was really difficult but I named it  “Love Yoursz” based off of one of my favorite songs by J. Cole and I really enjoy posting random thoughts and random things that I do on a daily basis today or even lessons ive learned from dealing with certain situations in life . Though this website was only for the class, I think I would keep it for the duration of time that I can have it for free or maybe ill even pay to keep it after . 

I really enjoyed this class and would love to do more courses in communication technology. Thanks Ryan .


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