Fallout 4

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Awww crap. This game, this game right here has been absolutely devouring my free time. If you’ve never heard of Fallout the game takes place during an alternate post apocalyptic future where atomic warfare has decimated the world. You play a survivor from the past who was cryogenically frozen and has only recently awoken to find that the world they knew is gone, replaced by an irradiated wasteland teaming with danger at every turn.

I know Fallout is a huge series with thousands of fans but personally I never expected to get as wrapped up in it as I am. I’ve spent my most of the last few days diving into hostile vaults, fending off violent raiders out to steal my goods, and defending my settlements from invaders both human and mutant alike. Mostly because of how much I disliked Fallout 3. Honestly even now I don’t quite know what makes this one that much more enjoyable to me other than to say that it seems more approachable.

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