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This is the first time I took a computer/media based course, and I can honestly say it was a lot of fun.This class has helped me look beyond the basic actions of social media such as posting statuses and sharing videos. It allowed me to think of new ideas to communicate on social media through my own gifs or memes. I also liked using Photoshop and 4K Downloader. Although , Photoshop is difficult to use , it was still nice to maneuver around it.

My favorite thing I did in this course was to make gifs. It was awesome and it could relate to any situation in life. I will definitely  improve my ideas/skills to create better animated gifs. I will also try to learn how to make cinematographic gifs because they are so cool. I wished I spent more time at the lab and worked on my assignments. I also wished I had asked for help when needed for the software. But it is all good, I worked it out.

Overall, I loved that I learned new software and created my own website and different digital experiments. I loved how each student created their new identity on the web besides social media websites.  I will continue to use the DS106 website for projects. and improve my  CT skills ( lol ). I loved the idea on how we can create anything we basically wanted. It allowed me to open my creativity side. For my website, I think I will continue to use it throughout the year. Once my membership is up, I will post all my assignments to my Tumblr Account. Tumblr became my ct101 workspace because it was easy to embed my work to the main CT1O1 website. My domain name “thecooladn” will be used on other social media apps like Snapchat and VSCO to document my progress on my assignments.

In the end, I want to thank Professor Smith for a great learning experience in the world of the internet! The class was very fun!

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for the stereograph and anaglyphs on my website: this is the website I used –


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