Christmas Humor!

In this short clip of the episode “Minstrel Krampus” of American Dad, Hayley Smith is working at an airport so she can buy Christmas gifts for her family. Surprisingly, she runs into her grandfather, Jack Smith, who later becomes Krampus the Christmas demon. Initially, he is on his way to Jamaica. However, Hayley convinces him that family is important with a rousing Reggae performance featuring some angry travelers who happen to be a Reggae band. (P.S. Their Jamaican accents are inaccurate and forced!). Hayley’s song persuades her grandfather to cancel his flight, and travel to Bavaria instead, to confront Krampus, and possibly save his son and grandson. O yeah, and Roger!

I think you’ll have a good laugh at this attempt of a reggae song!

Here is the original link to where I got this video from:

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