Copyright Issues!

With the way technology is evolving in this new era people are becoming more aware of the consequences they may face if they are not careful when using social media. People are careful in certain aspects but many are not aware of the copyright laws that exist, because people still fail to read the fine prints. Our means of communications has transformed and some people feel the need to publicize almost anything without thinking. However, with social media’s marketing opportunities many businesses are using the platform as a means to make profit, advertise their business. The Article I read  about copyright issues for social media opened my eyes to how much I need to pay more attention to what I post, repost and share not only on social media but also in other public domains. With the experience I have in dealing with copyright issues with my own art work I even more nervous of displaying my work on the internet. I have seen and read about many youtubers whom have found themselves in legal trouble because of them using someone else work or material without there permission or giving the person credit. The song ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams is an example of this argument, as he was upset that people used his song and did not give him credit for his work. As the power of clicking increases the consequences are becoming more serious.


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