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I chose to do this ds 106 assingment to create a banner of my favorite superhero. I got the idea after seeing Taz do it last week and couldn’t help but join in on the fun. For my superhero I decided to go with Hawkeye, who while not my favorite superhero is definitely up there. I used to help me make the banner and chose an image from Matt Fraction’s run of the Hawkeye comic. To be honest I’m not completely thrilled with the way the banner came out. I couldn’t find a size that perfectly fit the image and wound up settling for one that’s slightly cut off.

The right thing

I’ve always liked Hawkeye but it was during Fraction’s run, which depicts not his usual heroics but the chaotic situations he finds himself in on his days off, where I fell in love with the character.

hawkeye failThroughout the run Clint is an absolute mess of a human being much less a superhero. The arc humanizes Clint by portraying the character as deeply flawed, he makes mistakes, hurts those closest to him, and on several occasions even fails to save the day. It also plays on the fact that Clint unlike his super powered teammates is merely an average human being. Albeit one who is extremely well trained with near perfect aim.LuckyFinally the comic was known for the daring and interesting departures it took from traditional comic storytelling. This includes an Eisner Award winning issue told entirely through the perspective of Hawkeye’s dog Lucky.

ContractSoooooo yeah that’s why I chose to do a banner based on Hawkeye. Even though his life is an absolute maelstrom of bad choices and even worse luck he’s willing to put his life on the line even on the days where he’s not saving the world. His story is interesting because Clint is so often not the right man for the job and yet through every setback every bump and bruise he keeps fighting. Finally you gotta respect a man who knows that the greatest trick arrow of all is the boomerang arrow. Because boomerang….


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