Intimate Apparel

Hello fellow schoolmates! Be sure to check out this weeks play called Intimate Apparel at the York College’s Performing Arts building. My classmates and I went today because we had no choice. One of our assignments for our theater class was to watch this play and give a two page report on it. We weren’t really looking forward to it and wished we were spending our Sunday doing other things – being lazy in bed for instance. However there we were in the auditorium, moaning and groaning waiting for the play to begin. Boy were we in for a surprise! As the lights dimmed, we were sucked into the year 1905 where New Yorkers still had a strong southern accent and folks were still coming north hoping for a better life.

Ignore my little GIF up there. The name of the play “Intimate Apparel” and the provocative GIF I made (thanks to might give you the wrong idea about the play itself. Although undergarments are an important symbol in this play, there are many underlying themes and issues that are portrayed. We definitely enjoyed it and were actually upset that it ended the way it did. Let me not spoil too much though. Hope you guys get the chance to check it out!

By SuperNova

Mom wanted me to become a pre-med student. For years, I was surrounded by the subjects I loathed. I took a break from college yet now at the age of 21, I still haven't figured out what I want as a career. I did learn one thing recently: Be smart but follow your heart. It's never too late when it comes to education and the path meant for you will come to find you.

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