Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Midnight Release


Activision’s latest first person shooter was released this past week. Call of Duty Black Ops Three has already caught the attention of many gamers. Fans of the first person shooter have even went to the extent to camp out for the midnight release of the game at their local Gamestop and FYE.

“Setting up for the release was a little hectic.” Gamestop employee Samantha Torres said “We have a pretty small store so we had to control how many people we let into the store at a time.”

Torres also went on to describe some of the perks for anyone who attended the midnight release.
All Gamestop employees had to give each customer “pre-rings” which essentially is a wrist band with a group number which gives the customer their place in line while camping out.

Attendees of the midnight release were also treated to a surprise tournament where at least four players were able to play at a time and assassinate each other. The last man standing would be the victor of the midnight release event. Customers were even able to challenge employees to play a round.

After attending the event, players rushed home to play all night online or finish the story mode before attending either school or work.

“Midnight release was kicked off by playing around 1am” Queens native Nick Camacho said. “For some people the servers weren’t cooperating so they couldn’t get on.”

Players had to wait for the software from the Call of Duty disc to download onto their gaming systems which could take from up to one hour to three depending on which console the user has.

Gameplay has been described as different to previous games in the franchise like Advance Warfare and Ghost. Camacho also went on to add that the game had balanced guns to all the customization options offered during online play and offline.The game also fixed major problems that previous Call of Duty games had in the past.

“I don’t have to worry about people jumping around to dodge” Queen College student Alejandro Moteka said. “I couldn’t stand when people would do that and its why I stopped playing Call of Duty for a while now so its good that problem is fixed.”

Forbes magazine is already calling Black Ops Three the best campaign game in years. According to their website Call of Duty is described as having an interesting and substantial campaign story without revealing any spoilers.

The emphasis on character customization is what sets this addition to the franchise on a higher scale then the previous games. The latest feature which has fans really excited is the fact that the ability to choose gender is now available. This accommodates all the female fans of the franchise and shows how Activision is always able to reinvent and out do their previous titles.

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