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This right here was my weekend. I placed an order over a week ago for a prop for my Halloween costume. I knew it was going to be close but the estimated arrival time was a couple days before Halloween so I figured even if it was late I still had a little wiggle room.

Well for starters when my package did ship the tracking number that was listed on the email took me to the FedEx site that claimed not to have anything under that number. So after calling the help line I found out that Spirit of Halloween sent it through the US postal service. A little annoying but I found my package it would be arriving on Thursday. Cool no problem.

Well Thursday rolls around and my package hasn’t arrived so I plug in the tracking number and find out that my package arrived late that afternoon and telling me to come pick it up. Alright its late I know I’m not getting it today but there is time so I’ll just pick it up on Friday.

Friday comes and while part of me thinks the package is going to be delivered to me I decide to go to the post office. Its only 5 blocks away and technically that’s what the email told me to do so why not. I left someone at the house just in case it’s delivered while I’m out and go.

So I get to the post office and have someone check the backroom for my package only for the guy to return and tell me its currently out for delivery and if it isn’t delivered today then I should come back and ask again. Naturally I’m happy, sure I didn’t need to walk over but my package is still coming today and I’ll have time to see how it fits with the rest of the outfit. Hell I wasn’t even going out until late that night so I’d be home the whole day to wait on it. Except it never showed up.

Saturday finally arrives and now I’m nervous. While I could my outfit without the prop it really was what put the whole costume in context. So I make another trip to the post office and get the same reply…from the same attendant. “Your package is out on delivery, if you don’t get it today check back on Monday”. Now before I continue let me just say this isn’t the first time I’ve had this whole process happen to me while shipping something through the USPS so I’ll admit I was more than a little annoyed and beginning to suspect that my package was lost and wouldn’t be arriving until long after Halloween had passed.

So I go home and I wait…and wait… and wait. By 4:30 I’m out of time. I’ve got to throw on what I have and head into the city to meet up with my friends. All in all the night was a blast. I caught up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile, saw some amazing costumes, drank a decent amount of beer, and even incomplete my costume was pretty well received.

In the end I came home to find out my package arrived a little while after I left for the city. I pretty much let go of most of the anger I had when I l accepted it wasn’t going to arrive in time so I’ve been pretty much laughing about the whole thing since I got back. The only thing that still mildly annoys me is, now that I’m sending it back, the USPS is gonna make money off of me shipping it back despite being the reason it arrived late.

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