Have Fun and Dance Silly!!!

One of my favorite artists is Neon Indian I hyperlinked to one of Neon Indian’s recent song called Glitzy Hive  !, I love ditsy, electronic music because its so fun and freeing. It always puts me in a great mood and I always do crazy dance moves when I listen to it. My family sees it daily and I even “dance”  while doing homework. In my opinion , there is not one song that I do not like from Neon Indian, its pure gold. I made this gif because I think it characterizes one of my silly dance moves while listening to this type of music. The gif below is from the movie Pulp Fiction (1994)

Another silly dance move I do for  any song is shown in the gif below. I do it all the time lol especially when I listen to the Strokes.  This scene came from the The Breakfast Club ( 1985). I do this every Friday when I blast music in my room .


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  1. Well of course, ALL dance moves look like that when you take them out of context! 😉 I agree with the first one being exceptionally silly, but I think you did a better job with the second in that it makes a good loop. It is a little more difficult to tell in the second where the start/end point of the gif is, though that may be because the subject is further away…

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