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I chose this classic, “Anything Goes” as the “Song of the Day” because I just love the essence of Jazz music, and its timelessness. This 2014 cover by the talented Lady Gaga and legendary Tony Bennett gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it; it is nothing less than a “tour de force”. Originally from the musical of the same name, this song was performed in 1934. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll realize that it is a carefree song. It illustrates a comparison between the olden days, and the more modern days. By using the phrase “Anything Goes” it makes the avant-garde or modern culture seem outrageous and unacceptable. The song itself is satirical, and that is just one of the elements I appreciate most about it. Not to mention the stellar vocal performance of Mr. Bennett and Gaga. Benett’s rich and warm baritone complements the brassy and resonant timbre of Gaga’s alto voice.They really took this Jazz standard, and made it a modern “chef-d’oeuvre.” Please excuse my French, I meant “masterpiece!”





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  1. It is really neat that they are still making covers of this song. I am not exactly a fan of Lady Gaga’s original music, but that does not preclude her from having a very good singing voice. The modern quality of the recording in my opinion changes ever so slightly the timbre of the tune as I am accustomed to hearing it, I will default by saying the shaky quality is more heartwarming, but you can blame that on my own bias and I won’t argue. I am curious as to why they added a video, however, it doesn’t seem to resonate as much with the song, but the assignment is only for a song! As a result, it is simple to just scroll a little further down the page and turn the volume up.

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