(Pot)annibalism-Super cut!

For this post, I had to be creative with what I wanted to do and how to do it. I video I chose to use was the Lays commercial with the potato couple from Toy Story because I always thought those two were funny.

This is the original video from YouTube.


After I copied the link and converted it through ClipConverter under mov and mp4, I shared it to iMovie and did try to do a super cut on iMovie. It was frustrating because I was struggling to get it onto the iMovie app but it was going to QuickTimePlayer or VLC. That was because I didn’t import the video to iMovie.

So I got help from a friend next to me and the video was now on iMovie. When I got the video on to iMovie, I had to decide which scenes I wanted to emphasize the theme of my post. The scene where Mrs. Potato is eating…well, her own kind is (almost) similar to actual cannibalism. It didn’t take long for me to get it and plus since it is getting close to Halloween, why waste this opportunity?

Considering that it is a weird commercial for human food, what if Lays actually decided to make a brand new flavor of chips using human flesh (just a joke!) as the flavoring? Perfect time for the holiday!



I have seen too many horror movies…

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  1. HAHA that was funny a human eating a human flesh, ya the commercial is gonna weird but maybe because they want the viewers to never forget it. I will not forget watching this clips of the commercial.

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