A new playing field


For my website i have decided to use my name. I was going to use my nickname okie.com but it was already taken 🙁  . It is a simple name and very easy to remember. I ended up using my name iokeowo . This domain already exist because I use it as my personal site, but I get lazy updating it or putting any content on it. Now that i am using it for CT 101 I think I will be more serious with the site.

I am not a fan of wordpress. The development language (PHP) is horrible (my personal opinion), I like to have full control of mysite/code  (hands on, down and dirty). I work as a web application developer for department of transportation. I do most of their site update or help create an web application.

My most recent application is called CityBench An application used to find citybench throughout the five borough.

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