So my friends and I started a little game where we have to “build the perfect song”. To play you have to pick 3 artists for the song. One rapper for the verses, one singer for the chorus, and a producer for the beat. For example:

a) I pick Aesop Rock to rap the verses.


Aes is one of the most prominent rappers, if not the king, of underground hip-hop.  He’s known for his use of complex lyrics to the point where you NEED rap genius for just about all of his songs. In 2014, a study by Matt Daniels found that Aesop Rock has the largest vocabulary in Hip-hop, even surpassing Shakespeare and at least 5 members of the Wu-Tang Clan.


b) I pick Aaliyah to sing the chorus.


Queen of R&B, Aaliyah was known for her sultry lyrics over a new jack swing rhythm early in her career. And even though she did not write her lyrics, the minute she sang them it would automatically become her song. Unfortunately her life was cut short on August 25, 2001 when her plane crashed in the Bahamas.


c) I pick Nujabes as producer.


Nujabes was a producer known for creating and mixing hip-hop beats with relaxing jazz instrumentals. His style can be described as down tempo, relaxing, and nostalgic. Nujabes worked with a number of underground conscious rappers in the 2000’s such as Substantial, Pase Rock of Five Deez, and most notably Shing02. Nujabes was also one of the main producers on both of the soundtrack albums for the anime Samurai Champloo. Unfortunately on February 26, 2010 Nujabes died in a traffic accident.

Whats your perfect song?

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