Rogers vs. Koons

As you create mostly anything out there, you have to be aware of copyrighting. Copyrighting your material is securing it from being stolen or used as someone else’s work. There have been many copyright infringement cases, one being the Art Rogers vs. Jeff Koons case. This case dealt with a popular photo taken by Rogers in 1985 showing a cuople holding a row of puppies. “Puppies” is shown on the top by Rogers being recreated by Jeff Koons whose art work is on the bottom named “String of Puppies”. The photo of Art Rogers had been sold for greeting cards, while Koons had seen the photo and decided to create his work using the similarities and sold the statue many times. Rogers found out about Koons recreating his work without his consent and decided to sue him.

Rogers vs. Koons

The outcome of the case was the judge found Koons work being too identical to that of Rogers. The work did not have any creativity while Rogers photograph was a piece of creative work. The judge decided that Koons were to give all “infringement materials” over and an artist’s proof. So the bottom case is always give credit to the original artist or creator when wanting to create something similar, or use copyright on your work.


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