The “To Infinity and Beyond” Supercut

I have finally done the impossible. Actually, I had no trouble with creating the super cut with Windows Movie Maker but just trying to upload it was the major issue for some reason. So recently, my professor gave us a task to create some sort of a video supercut of any form of entertainment that would interest us (Ex: Toy Story). The reason why I decided to create a Toy Story version of a supercut was mainly because, I’m surprised of how many people put up many movie clips, trailers, and other media of the Toy Story saga but never emphasized about using Buzz Lightyear’s famous quote as a separate video. Buzz Lightyear’s quote has been famous since the first ever Toy Story movie came out. It has been a worldwide phenomenon years after it’s emergence. It has been referenced a lot in other various forms of social media and possibly other forms of entertainment both in and out of Disney.

But right now, I would like to explain the steps to how I created this video supercut. First of all, I searched most of these clips taken from Youtube before doing anything else. Then afterwards, I converted the Youtube videos and made them into .mov files because that is one of the video file types that Movie Maker can read. After downloading all these clips, I opened up Windows Movie Maker and started importing all the Toy Story video clips that I need to make the supercut. Most of the videos didn’t take a long time to import but after putting all of the video files in, The original footage calculated all together was estimated to be about 16 minutes long. However after importing these videos. I started to trim down most of these clips until I reached the “To Infinity and Beyond” sayings. After trimming down the videos, it ended up being a lot shorter than originally. Once I finished editing and creating final touches to the supercut, I published the video and uploaded it onto Youtube and created a mini GIF down below this description. sehkk

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  1. You did a really great job with the compilation. I agree that it has not received the sensationalism that it deserves. Certainly older movies have received the internet treatment (Lion King, Aladdin,…). This also brings up just how many Toy Story films have been made, I actually have not seen all of the clips you have included. I do have one gripe however, and that is that the compilation is a little long. There are a lot of things that can be cut. I will recognize the scene (of those that I have seen), I promise!

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