New York Comic Con 2015

Swarms of comic book fanatics dashed to Manhattan this morning as Comic Con kicked off at the Jacob Javits Center. With over a hundred exhibitions and numerous panels, Comic Con took New York by storm. Fans were able to take part in getting exclusive looks at television programs such as Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series , as well as receive news on upcoming projects like Dragon Ball Super.

As part of a marketing campaign for DC Entertainment’s upcoming 2016 film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, visitors were able to log into free wifi network under the name LexCorp. For those who aren’t familiar, LexCorp is the name of the company owned by the films antagonist Lex Luthor. Once signed into the network a video from LexCorp Industries appears providing insight on a new project as well as notifying visitors of a free charging station located near the Batman V Superman booth.

LexCorp Wifi Login

(LexCorp Wifi Login)

(LexCorp Industries Comic Con Viral Video)

(Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman Statues at Batman V Superman Exhibition)

(Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman Statues at Batman V Superman Exhibition)

With a variety of different panels covering topics ranging from LGBT representation in comics to highlights on particular comic book characters,visitors were always able to find something to do or find discussions to be apart of. Hip-Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining was one of the more contemporary panels which brought attention to the relationship between art,music, and diversity. Up and coming artist, writers, and editors were able to speak with talent scouts from Marvel in the Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way panel. Visitors were able to network with one another in the panel as well as get their questions asked on how to break into the business and how to get a job or internship at Marvel.


(Hip-Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining Panel)

Comic Con will continue until Sunday October 11th


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