Life is Beautiful: Mr.Brainwash’s Pop-Up Gallery

Mr.Brainwash is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and street artist who has a pop-gallery called Life is Beautiful located on 14th Street Union Square near the entrance of the High Line. Mostly know for his work in photoshopping, printmaking, street art, and social commentary, Brainwash has collaborated with artist such as Madonna and Rita Ora. Responsible for the cover art of Madonna’s 2009 “Celebration” album and being apart of Rita Ora’s live musical performance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”, Brainwash has had multiple opportunities for commercial success.


The “Life is Beautiful” gallery focuses on the uncongenial aspect of average street vandalism by blending random modern cultural icons resulting in profound, provocative, and inspirational pieces.

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By jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

CT101 Digital Storytelling