What would be piglet19’s domain name?!

After some thought, I decided my domain name would be  thecooladn. On my social media profiles,  I always use an alias. I would never use my full name, just nicknames. However, for my private domain I decided to use my initials as a subtle way of “branding” my name which I like. This class has allowed to me think creatively and differently. I had done projects that I never knew I was going to create. It had forced me to understand the cool ideas behind a gif, picture or digital experiment. This made me think of an subtle domain name because although I am not creative 24/7, I am still a cool person for trying out these things!( LOL). So I chose a laid back domain name and slowly it will exhibit my journey of thinking out the box and being creative. 🙂

Although I am unsure how I would use this new blog in the next few weeks. I would love to post new gifs and play around with animation videos. I will try to learn Photoshop to design cinemagraphs ,which I’m really excited about. In terms of the article ” A Domain of One’s Own”, It was very interesting to read. One of the ideas  Jim Groom stated is how with a user’s own domain name , the person becomes a system admin for their digital life. The person has total control of the design, posts and the whole theme  of the blog, It’s fascinating  because usually social media companies actual have total control of the  profiles. Even though, the user can change and manipulate the settings and posts, the companies are “co-owners” of the user’s posts and information. With the user’s personal domain , the power lies in their hands. Another idea Groom that strikes me is, how each user will embark on social networking while learning new tech skills to improve the user’s digital ‘s identity. It allows the user to manage technical networks behind the domain. It also creates a pathway to connect social media platforms with companies or people to create similar ideas in a project.

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