UNIDAN Shadowbanned from REDDIT

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Unidan was one of the most popular users in Reddit, in four years he created a very important reputation in this site by his knowledge in animals.

He earn his popularity by Reddit users by his post’s, they were the most commented and achieved the #2 and #4 place in more commented Karma, he even had a subreddit, r/unidanfans, created in his honor. Like the article says in The Daily Dot.

He was given many benefits from this community like gold worth of 16 years which allows users special tools for the site. Unfortunately all this achievements had their dark side.

Unidan had created 5 more account to upvote his post and downvote other post that he will be fighting with. This he did to get more popularity, unfortunately because such a brilliant mind could have achieved that without that deceiving action.

As a personal thought I believe that sometimes popularity can go up your head, if you don’t become aware of if on time, and now a days its so easy to acquired this because of internet but this should be use as a tool to become better persons not for anything else.



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