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What do you do when you are face to face with what you fear most?

The Gif i have created is from one of my favorite scripted series, HBO’s Game of Thrones. Game of thrones is based on  the George R.R. Martin novels. If you’re like me and have not read the novels, essentially GOT is the story of numerous powerful families in Westeros and their journey to ascend to the Iron throne. And with all eyes on the Iron throne, savagery ensues especially with the addition of White walkers. What is a white walker you ask? That White, skeleton like creature in the GIF above. The scene i have chosen is from GOT season 4 finale where Sam (The human) was hiding from a previous attack but then came face to face with a greater threat. Game of thrones is a phenomenal series that if you are intrigued enough to watch, you will enjoy every last minute. Although you may be opposed to the Red wedding 😉

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