1964 New York World’s Fair


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Here’s footage from the New York 1964 Worlds Fair that took part in what is now Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. The footage is the Pavilion they built for the fair ” The Tent of Tomorrow ” that still stands today, which is now sadly abandoned. Architect Phillip Johnson and Lev Zetlin made the design possible to build by 1964. The ground floor of the ” Tent of Tomorrow ” was a large sized highway map of New York State by Texaco. Seen in the video footage above, the roof was a beautiful multi colored glass ceiling that sadly started to deteriorate, due to the lack of care of the structure. Pieces started to fall down and became a public hazard. They closed the entrances and removed the ceiling which allowed sunlight and weather exposure to the map on the floor. This caused the majority of the map of New York to deteriorate as well. Shown below are volunteers who helped save whatever was left of the map.Texco Map of New York 

Texco New York Map before

The picture above was when the Fair was still up and running, as you can see the floor of New York State was still in great condition. What an experience it would have been to be part of that fair.

Future Queens         Future plans for worlds fair relic

Many plans have been thrown around for a future use of the pavilion. One of them being an Air-Space Museum pictured above. The picture above shows the outside of the pavilion restored and ready for public use. The picture below shows what it would be like to be inside of the Air-Space museum which also connects to the observation decks. Although this sounds like a fantastic idea, many think its pointless due to the Queens Museum already existing at the park. Still none of this is possible if theres no money, The money exists (which would be around $68 million) to be fully restored and ready for future use but no one wants to invest. President of Queens, Malinda Katz has already locked in $5.8 million for a project to restore the electrical system to the spiral stairs and elevators to the observation decks.

Worlds Fair Pavilion today            Queens sphere

What now remains of the 1964 Worlds Fair are the “Tent of Tomorrow” along with its observation decks ( Which were famously used for the movie Men in Black) and the Unisphere (which was also in the movie) among many other statues that were left and restored. The Unisphere is still in great condition, but its the “Tent of Tomorrow” that is a rusted relic. Although there have been great gestures towards it. It has been repainted its iconic red, white and yellow on the outside and inside and recently got a new yellow cheese paint job on the crown. “People for the Pavilion” is a website to anyone who wants to be part of restoring and keeping the pavilion. Please visit the site and be aware of such history that is still left in the lovely borough of Queens. You can visit the site here .

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