Yes I can Dance

So I didn’t really understand what a supercut is. So my idea for my project was a remix like an example of a video of President Obama singing “I’m sexy and I Know it”. It was a series of videos of his speeches edited with the song lyrics and with the song sound track in the background.

In order to achieved this project first I had picked a song which was “I can’t dance” from Dirty Nasty. Why I picked that song; first because I wanted to find a song that said ” I can dance” but I didn’t, I found instead the opposite I can’t dance and I thought it will be funny since Ms. Obama always shows very active and dancing in all her interviews for her “LETS MOVE PROGRAM”.

I download the mp3 with website, then I did a research on some of Ms. Obamas speeches and interviews to get some of the words in the song. Then I downloaded some of the videos with;firstrun. and edit them with Quicktime Player.

Now to mix everything up I use Premiere Pro CS6 which seems like a very interesting program that I would like to learn more of it after this assignment; For now the basics that the lab assistant help me put a very interesting piece together not totally what I was going for but I’m happy with what I ended up to.

Lirics to the song




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