DS106 Assignment: Gump on the moon

Gump on the moon:

I was inspired to do this because the first thing that came to my head was putting him on the moon. I seen many pictures of him in historical places to i decided to make mine different and put him in space. It was pretty difficult to find him a suit and try to edit him into it. I did my best to edit him in Photoshop i think it came out okay. It’s difficult to sorta see his face but i tried my best to make it visible.

The Forrest Gump Project

Good ole’ Forrest Gump. He always manages to find himself at the center of history, and using photo editing software, so can you. Find a historic photograph and place yourself into the scene, just like Forrest Gump.

Assignment link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/the-forrest-gump-project/

Image used: I i simply just Photoshop the old astronaut out and added the one i created with gump. i used photoshop cs6.

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