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I discovered the “Daily Create” as an option for assignments if you ever run out of ideas. If you want to truly participate in the daily call itself, you need to tweet your work which is why I had to resurrect my twitter account after six years!

The Daily Create has new assignments each and every day, which is pretty awesome. However, you’re allowed to go through old assignments and choose which one you wish to do. I chose this one:

“Resistance throws you into time. Acceptance discloses the timeless.” I searched all over google to figure out who was the person that first said this. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information. I chose this assignment because it makes you think and breakdown each word to get the general idea. The best part of the assignment -or any of these assignments- is that there is never an incorrect answer. Everyone has their own interpretation. When you go through the posts, you are able to see things as how others perceived it. Sometimes you may disagree and be unable to connect to someone else’s idea of certain things. However, more often than not, going through different posts will open your mind to all of the different possibilities.

This quote reminded me of the famous painting by Salvador Dali. He named it “The Persistence of Memory” and incorporated the idea of Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity – the relationship between space and time. The more I re-read the quote for the assignment, the more this painting resonates with me.





By SuperNova

Mom wanted me to become a pre-med student. For years, I was surrounded by the subjects I loathed. I took a break from college yet now at the age of 21, I still haven't figured out what I want as a career. I did learn one thing recently: Be smart but follow your heart. It's never too late when it comes to education and the path meant for you will come to find you.

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