Domain of One’s Own

Next Week you will be setting up a web hosting account with Reclaim Hosting and you will need to pick a domain name to pair with the account. So how will you pick? Should it be based on your name? A pseudonym? A quote? A thematic reference? Based on a project name? It can be anything as long as it’s meaningful to you and it’s available! You can do a preliminary search with a variety of tools but you should restrict to the top level domains listed in the image (.com, .net, .org, .us, etc.).


With your domain name and shared hosting account you’re going to have to make some decisions about how you’d like to use it. The most straightforward option will be to install your own WordPress site that points to your domain. On that WordPress site you will start to blog your work for this class and those posts will feed to You can see an example of this with ‘jerrythemiah‘ if you click on his posts you’ll notice they go to his site.

Other options you can consider for your domain and webhosting account:

  • Install WordPress and use your site for a particular project such as Lanafitt. This site was used to blog about nutrition and fitness. You could create a site for any purpose you want and use the domain project for that. You would still post updates to about the project.
  • Use your domain name for a service such as Tumblr as a custom domain name. I do this for my Tumblr that I use for digital experiments. You would still post updates to about the project.
  • If you imagine something else let us know. There are a lot of possibilities with a shared hosting account that includes dozens of free web applications you can install and use for a particular purpose.

Also I’d like you to do a little research behind the inspiration for this process which Jim Groom framed as a ‘Domain of One’s Own.‘ That’s just one article, but just search for the phrase and you’ll find many more. But in short the philosophy that grounds this project focuses primarily on asking individuals to consider taking control of their digital identity and the data that makes it.

So for next week write a blog post about what domain name you’d like to register and how you plan to use it for the next few weeks. Also read about Domain of One’s Own and reference some of the ideas that Jim Groom considers.

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