A Huge Thank You

I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I had been awake since 6:30am so by 9am I was pretty much tired. I got a haircut and decided to almost go completely bald but I settled for Mr.305 look instead as can be seen by the picture right here on the side —>

Later on in the day I ended up going to school simply for attendance. After, that I met my family in Times Square to eat at the recently opened Señor Frogs. The food was amazing and the “Pimpin Frog” drink stayed true to its name. Containing Avion Tequila and Hennesy, this drink will make anyone feel sort of pimp in a way I guess. The last part of my birthday took place in my neighborhood. A couple of drinks with my boys at this bar we always go to. 23 has started off strong and I hope it continues to be a good year for me. Again Thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!IMG_6708

By jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

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