Gasp, I’m Going to Die

I’m particularly interested in horror movies. Many of the archetypes set precedent to funny analogies used in comedies such as Scary Movie. The most essential trope is the classic
‘character gasp’; it usually occurs at the climax of a movie when a character has an epiphany or discovers a plot twist. In almost every horror movie, there is a character gasp accompanied by daunting, increasingly loud instrumentals. What makes this trope so interesting, is that it allures the audience because it usually equates to a bad outcome or a positive one.



Yep, folks the gasp usually looks like this. Unfortunately, I could not find a series of this action o the internet because I do not yet know how to tape from the screen. However, I did compile a video of other common tropes in horror films.


-Ashley Oliver

Author: Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

One thought on “Gasp, I’m Going to Die”

  1. There are some good tropes put in your compilation. Especially the falling-down while-running-away trope. That is a pet peeve of mine, and I do not forgive horror movies that employ it. (I file it under “it is the protagonist’s fault, all they had to do was walk away). I will elaborate on that particular trope by noting that characters also tend to flail around aimlessly for a period of time after falling down to give the predator time to catch up.
    As for the gasping trope, I will note that the trope’s effectiveness is directly tied to the effectiveness of the movie thus far. If the plot point was obvious, then the gasp makes the movie more comedic than serious. Either way, it certainly does punctuate the moment.

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