Old School

My childhood was filled with weird and awesome things. TV, video games. toys: the kinds of things that made being a kid more memorable. We all have that one thing that made our childhood awesome. But when those things are replaced, a little heart shaped hole is left behind, longing to be filled…sometimes memories aren’t just enough.

These shows (to me) had a weird sense of humor, but there was a certain charm to them that made it hilarious. I do have a weird sense of humor and these shows make me reminisce about the fun times. I do miss them because they made up some part of my childhood and partly why it was amusing.

The reason why I choose to talk about this is because my friends have had fond memories of these shows and others. We talk about our childhood like it was yesterday. I guess we miss those days because it took us back to a time when shows didn’t have to go the extra mile to be good, only go with what was given and ran with it.








Good bye childhood, you will be missed.

By 3coolinrockaway

I am a Journalism major and familiar with digital blogs since middle school. I like internet surfing, more often Youtube-ing than blogging. I want to become more familiar with digital storytelling by the end of the semester.

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