The Easy Way Out – Cinepic Style! ;)

Recently, I did a Cinepic project for the DS106 assignment. I was inspired by the Cinema Mosaic, to create the same idea using on my favorite movies Sound of Music. 

In this post, I have decided to create a tutorial for this project! Enjoy!

  1. Download the app Cinepic onto your phone or computer.
  2. Start a new project and let Cinepic access your photos
  3. Start a new project by pressing on the “Start New Square”1
  4. Choose a photo that best represents your project : i.e: for the Sound of Music, I chose one of main posters.  The photo will come from your camera gallery and it will inserted into the grid once you click on the picture.2
  5. Then, Go to the grid layout and choose the 3X3 layout. 3
  6. Thirdly, go to the video layout and click the camera icon. 4
  7. To record clips, press the red round button and record at least for 2 seconds.5
  8. To make a clip, go on YouTube and find a video that relates to your project. Click the red button.Then,  record 2 seconds or more of the scene you like to be featured in the project. 6
  9. After the video gets processed, an X and Checkmark will show up. If you like your clip, press the check mark. If you don’t press the X to record a new clip. 7
  10. Once the Check mark is clicked, The clip will be showcased in the first square which is located on the upper left hand corner. 8
  11. As you find videos that best represents your Cinepic project, REPEAT steps 10 – 15. Each clip will go into a new square.
  12. Once all squares are finished , There is a choice to add audio above the music icon button. However, for my project I did not include any audio. 9
  13. In the end you can share your Cinepic project by clicking on “Share’’ 10
  14. There is an option to download your project (shown below)and it will be saved in your camera roll. Once it was saved , I uploaded it to my tumblr to simplify my life.11
  15. With tumblr, I can easily embedded the CinePic project into my CT101 post. However, I used the tumblr app on my phone to upload the video. To upload videos , press the video icon and these two options will be shown. 1) Upload a video or 20 Add video from web.  I chose upload a video.12
  16. Once the CinePic project uploaded, hashtags can be added. Then, press the share icon which is three dots on tumblr ( …) . Click the embedded link ,  copy and paste into your CT101 post or add into new media. 14
  17. After this LONG Process, your Cinepic Project can be finally showcased #YourHardWorkPaidOff 🙂

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