Pope Francis vs Iphone 6S Release

For the first time Pope Francis visits America, he has a very busy scheduled ahead. He plans to visit Washington D.C, Philadelphia and New York City.

He will visit places that no other Pope’s have visited before this will be part of his non-traditional ways of ruling his Catholic church.

New Yorker’s anxiously waiting for his arrival.


Pope Visit

I started with the idea of just writing about The Pope visit to New York which was a topic that interest me because as we all now New Yorkers are not very traditional and wanted to know what was their reaction to his visit.

Suddenly in my research I bumped into this article iPhone 6S deliveries could be delayed by Pope Francis visit which responded me immediately what I was thinking which event matters the most to New Yorkers  The Pope visit or the IPHONE 6S release.

Pope-Francis iphone-6s-release-date-2015-official

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