MY LEG!!!!!!!

IDEA: In sponge bob there’s a fish named Fred who always is complaining about his leg. If there’s any type of destruction happening you are bound to hear Fred screaming about his leg.

MEDIA: I’m going to use YouTube because I know that there has to be a compilation video on there already rather than me looking at many sponge bob episodes and finding parts where he screams.

DOWNLOADING VIDEO: I downloaded the video now I have to edit the parts that I want.

EDITING VIDEO: I am going to use QuickTime to edit the video. I am aping to use the trim tool “command T”. I attempted to use QuickTime to edit my video but was only able to trim the beginning and the end.

I uploaded the video from the desktop after editing.

4 thoughts on “MY LEG!!!!!!!”

  1. I haven’t watched Spongebob in years but that part was always hilarious to hear especially when his leg wasn’t even being hurt.

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