Marvel – The Resurrected

Assignment 2 | Photo Mashup

This is based on DS106 assignment repository.For this assignment you are to mash together a video of clips or photos of your favorite TV character or personality. Over the weekend I kept seeing pictures of meme people made about marvel characters that died in the movie/show but didn’t actually died. I decided to make a poster for a new marvel movie called “The Resurrected”


A Summary of Marvel Movies

  • X-Men – The Last Stand: Charles dies but, not really
  • Thor: Loki dies but, not really
  • Thor 2: Loki dies (again) but, not really
  • Captain America 2: Nick Fury dies, but not really
  • Iron Man 3: Pepper dies, but not really
  • Avengers: Phil Coulson dies, but not really
  • Captain America: Bucky dies, but not really
  • X-Men – Days of Future Past: Everyone dies, but not really
  • X-Men 2: Jean dies, but not really
  • * Spiderman: UNCLE BEN ALWAYS DIES. 

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