Forget E! The Internet Makes Everyone a Paparazzi

The battle between rap artists Meek Mill and Drake has escalated. After Drake’s release of his single Back 2 Back, a diss about Meek and his relatively new relationship with rapper, Nicki Minaj,  the Young Money member decided to drop another mixtape, Diamond, with rappers, Future and Rick Ross, dedicated to dissing Mill.

Sad to say, Meek has yet to make a comeback so this isn’t really much of a battle. Hiding behind your wife isn’t helping, Meek! Especially because Minaj is affiliated with Young Money. So we’re waiting for another single.

For now, Drake has been dropping some bomb hits; he’s on fire! Drake was probably walking out the studio like….

Drake walking out the studio like…

Don’t cry though, Meek! Rap has essential battles to keep artists relevant!

I thought of doing this because it’s so funny to me how 5-10 years ago, entertainment lovers were dependent on channels like E! But now with the internet and all its mixtape leaks, and Fair Use, we can all be critiques because we have all the information right at our fingertips.

-Ashley Oliver

By Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

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