The Iron Man infinite combo

I would like to say for the record that i love fighting games. I may have gotten into the hype way too late, but can you blame me? I was born in the point in time when 2D fighting games were at their peak in popularity. Still, most of the games nowadays have aged pretty well, namely the Capcom vs. franchise. One of my favorite games in the franchise is Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the sequel to the first crossover fighter and 4th installment into the franchise itself. There are many reasons that contribute to the game’s popularity, from the massive character roster to the flawless 60fps speed. But it’s defining factor, of which it’s successor MvC 3 improves upon, is. the. COMBOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!! If you aren’t trying to figure out the character’s special moves, you’re trying to land more than three hits on your opponent with said character.

here’s the video that shows what I mean:

Basically, chaining attacks lands you more points, and the more points you get, the better your score looks. Some characters have combos that are easy to perform, and others have combos that require directional input to start (ex: Down+PUNCH, Up+H-KICK). However, one of my favorite characters, which is iron man, happens to have a an infinite combo, which is basically a combo that can be inputted and can be continued until you are finished beating your opponent like that (which is unlikely) or have depleted all of their vitality. Iron man’s combo pretty simple to understand, yet hard to input. If you manage to input the command correctly, the end result should be this:


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If you really want to know how to perform this combo (that is, if you own the game, which should be on the playstation store or Xbox live), then this vid should teach you what you need to know:

If you can do it no problem, then congrats: you have just found a way to scare whoever it is you play against when you pick Iron man.

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