Are Cartoons Really for Kids?

Behind every joke, there is truth. Disney cartoons may seem kid-friendly because of all the innocent characters and pro-American themes, but if you dig deeper, dark secrets of what the movies are intended to convey are revealed.

Take Lion King for example. It’s only about  love affair between the animal kingdom right? WRONG!


Scene from Triumph Des Willens of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi soldiers. Notice the analogy now?

A viewer can look at this and it is evident that Scar is leading the revolt of hyenas. However, look closely…. look at the way the hyenas march! Scar is the dictator; the hyenas… his followers. What do you think? It is a clear replica of Hitler and his Nazis soldier.

Still don’t believe me?

Take a look at this. This is part of a scene from Spongebob


While kids in 1990s may not have been cognizant of this, kids in this generation certainly will be. Especially with the evolution of vernacular and the internet.

It’s a bit scary to think about, but that’s the truth. The point of the matter is, this is what the world has come to!


-Ashley Oliver

By Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

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