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There is controversy about the “ideal body” modeling agencies have portrayed during New York Fashion week. However, while identifying an anorexic individual may be seemingly easy, some people are just naturally skinny due to having a higher basal metabolic rate.  It is evident that the woman above, Valeria Levitin, is anorexic because you can see she has 0% body fat, and thinning hair; but it’s not ethical to call a model anorexic.

While I do understand why some consumers may be angered by having to adhere to the standard of beauty (body) to look good in top designer’s clothes like this:

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I’m sure the public will be appalled if they had full-sized models because they may perceive them as “giving off a bad image” or “being too sexual”.

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So I advise people to just accept commercialism as it is. Don’t conform, but just be complacent for who the folks with the money want to display their work!

Author: Ashley Oliver Verified

A 20-year old broadcast journalism student with a story to tell the world.

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