Snapchat Changes Selfie Game

Tired of your Snapchat messages getting deleted after seconds of you opening them? Well Snapchat has announced a new paid feature which allows users to replay snaps for $1.

Users will now be able to replay private Snapchats amongst friends at least three extra times before the message gets deleted permanently. Along with this new feature, Snapchat also releases a new selfie-altering mode they call “lenses”. While the user gets ready to take a selfie they are now able to press on their face to activate a panel where the different  lenses can be chosen. Some of these new lenses include an interactive heart lense which puts hearts over the users eyes and they  explode when the user raises their eyebrows, an horror lense which activates when the user opens their mouth transforming them into a monster. New lenses will appear each day says Team Snapchat in a Tumblr blogpost.

(Example of Snapchat’s new lenses)

Team Snapchat also promises fun new surprises in this new update including trophies and other unannounced features.

By jerrythemiah

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