Cyberpunk is a genre I am totally in love with. From the futuristic setting to the film noir elements to it. Usually set in high tech setting, in a dystopian society, with a gritty street vibe atmosphere to it.


Then the genre splits up into SEVERAL different types of punk genres. Here are a few:

1. Steampunk
(Set in Victorian age setting with steam powered tech and monocles. Ex: the Fable series)

2. Dieselpunk
(Set in a 1920s-1940s like setting. Similar to Steampunk but with more emphasis on combustion tech, grease monkeys, and airships)

3. Biopunk
(Just think of hazmat suits, bio hazards here and there, virulent weapons, and maybe a random mutant and you’ve got yourself a Biopunk setting!)

The three I just mentioned seem to be the most known derivatives. However recently at this years Dragon Con, a new derivative was just born. And its called Dreadpunk


This genre puts emphasis on horror mysteries in a Victorian age setting similar to Steampunk…..but more dark, and gory. Examples of Dreadpunk would be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a gory version of Sherlock Holmes, and of course the TV series Penny Dreadful)

2 thoughts on “PUNK PUNK!”

  1. Great post. I’m in love with cyberpunk and steampunk myself. As for the others while I’ve been a fan of media that would fall into those categories I never realized they were part of a subgenre all their own. I know I’m definitely gonna go look for some dieselpunk now.

    1. I know right? Theres a whole bunch of derivatives. So far my faves are Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Candlepunk. Especially Cyber! And I love the the elements behind Diesel also.

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