Should’ve Drank Redbull

Hi everyone! Below is a fun clip of being at the beach with friends. Not sure what the person trying to fly thought was going to happen but they say redbull gives you wings!

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Using Professor Smith’s tutorial, I was able to create my very own first GIF. I used this video from youtube:

With the help of the tools already on Imgur, I cut down the original long video into this short GIF. I was unhappy with my result during my first try. After watching the looped clip for a few times, I decided that it was too long.

Trial # 1: 

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The abridged version of the clip (all the way above) is much more comical than the lengthy one. Who knew a few seconds would make such a difference?




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By SuperNova

Mom wanted me to become a pre-med student. For years, I was surrounded by the subjects I loathed. I took a break from college yet now at the age of 21, I still haven't figured out what I want as a career. I did learn one thing recently: Be smart but follow your heart. It's never too late when it comes to education and the path meant for you will come to find you.


  1. I enjoyed the compilation of fails. It kept me occupied at work lol. Otherwise, the GIF is fun and creative. Makes me want to have a redbull right about now.

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