Second Week: DS106 Animated GIF repository! #TheClassics

While scrolling through the DS 106 Animated GIF Repository, I found a cool gif created by Mr.Smith. It’s called Cinema Mosaic on page two. I found it so cool and interesting. So I decided to do it with one of my favorite movies! – Sound of Music (1965). Ever since I was little kid, I watched this movie with my parents and brother. I have watched it gazillion times and it never gets old!. I loved the soundtrack and beauty of this movie.

I created this gif through the app Cinepic but it was a hard task. I found it difficult to put the videos within the app. Although it’s not the best quality, i tried. .However, the videos I used were my favorite scenes from the movies!. It showcases the Governess Maria relationship with the Von Trapp Family. Hope you enjoy!



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