Yummy in my tummy.. well not really.

Ed’s Lobster Bar in Soho has amazing reviews on their famous lobster roll. So of course I had to try it ! This place has a very cozy setting with a nautical theme. When I first went in, I was a bit confused because there no host to greet us. I randomly sat in a cramped table waiting for a serve to bring menus. After about 5-6 minutes someone finally came with a very welcoming smile and told me the menus were on the chalk board , which was hard for me to see. I got up went to read the menu and just decided to get the lobster roll. It was a long wait for the food but when it finally got there , it was okay. The food wasn’t good as I thought it would be. I do no recommend this restaurant. It’s cute cozy but the food is overpriced and alright.

The photo is from my private instagram account.


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