That Old New York City Feel


Rappers YL and Starker are upcoming NY artists who are bringing back that golden hip hop sound that New York used to make. I really love hip hop and every now and then a bunch of hip hop artists release songs that I have no interest in. More because they’re club songs and not really making the lyrical side of it. Although thats cool I really prefer quality hip hop when listening to my music. I learned about these rappers through Soundcloud, a website that allows artists to post their music for the world to hear. I usually dig for quality hip hop, similar to digging for gold which is mostly known as underground rap. Although hip hop songs that fall into this category lack attention its usually quality stuff. YL and Starker just released their first EP titled LO.CEASAR you should check out. qqlzw

From their “Wally Tag” music video.

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