For the past couple of years, i have been up and down with employment and struggling with school status, and what i have found is with the popularity of social media i’m not sure if its an addiction or a obsession, but daily i check Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, in that order and then i go to online gaming on my Ipad.  i assuming this is to fill my void from nothingness.

First image when i wake up, usually i’m searching for food posts, lol i guess breakfast ideas.

My second image is catching up with what my friend and coworkers are doing, who is breaking up and making up , what babies were born, who started school etc.

My third image is what i love the most, i enjoy Pinterest, from fashion to gardening, i am learning all day with this site. i’m never bored

Author: tfoster

I'm learning to love the life that i was giving, and the love the people in it!

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