Making some GIFs!!!!

So my first attempt at making a GIF had a little technical difficulties. I made a GIF from the video Queen’s Speech pt. 4 by U.K. rapper Lady Leshurr. Originally I assumed that I made the GIF too long and can only be shared as a video file, meaning it would not loop like a GIF.



But with the help of the professor, I find out that I i just had to share the right URL and take the ‘v’ out of the link and BAM!

Holding top side in Gears of War be like……

Here’s the original video from where I made the GIF.


And while I was at it I created another GIF from a GTA: V video.

When you “think” the universe is on your side…

Here is the original video!



One thought on “Making some GIFs!!!!”

  1. So I was perusing through posts using ds106’s random post feature (, and I came across this little beauty. As a computer scientist, video-game glitches are a favorite of mine.

    Having viewed some grand-theft auto comedy videos, one thing I miss from the gif is the contact with ground. I know you have time constraints, have you considered the possibility of speeding up the video to get it within the space requirements?

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